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Bobby’s Business Directory Supports your local economy!

Bobby’s Business Directory is launching its Tampa Local Business campaign in an effort to promote the use of local businesses and provide opportunities for genuine local small business owners. With the trends of  today’s economy it is extremely important to support the local economy as well as our neighbors.We need to strengthen and support our local economy by buying our food and products from our neighbors. We have farms here in Tampa that produce the fresh organic fruits, vegetables and herbs.We have no need to buy these products from big corporations and Big Box stores. The fruits and vegetables that come from these corporations usually contain dangerous levels of chemicals and pesticides that are extremely hazardous to our health.  ReadMore —–>


Submit your local small business to Bobby’s Local Business Directory for free ! Help support the local economy and keep the money in Tampa lets STOP making the outsiders rich!



Tampa Business Directory

Tampa Business Directory

A business directory that you can trust! Bobby’s Business Directory

In today’s day and age people search for businesses online and and rely on business directories to find products and services.What most people are not aware of is that most of these business directories aka search engines are regularly manipulated and give preference to payed listings .In other words If you want to be on the number one spot of a search engine for a certain term all you have to do is pay a fee.How does this effect you? Well for starters that company on the top of the list has payed for a good ranking and this does not necessarily mean that it is a reputable company or that they provide quality products or services but unfortunately it does give that impression. Bobby’s Business Directory is a true Local Business directory that will only list a business after a valid confirmation that it is truly a local business.

This Business Directory will :
Only list a business with a true local physical address! If your business is from out of state please list your business in the appropriate state that your business resides.
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